Employment and Wage Verification

Employment or Wage Verification(s) may be obtained by calling Thomas & Company, Inc.,

at (615) 620-0569, or online at www.thomasandthorngren.com

1.  Access the website and click the green "Request Employment and Wage Verification" button on the home page.

2.  The inquirer will need to provide the company code and the social security number of the employee.  


Company codes are

Valenti Mid-Atlantic:    VMA605

Valenti Mid-South:       VMS376

Valenti Southeast:       VSE168

Valenti Florida Mgmt:   VFM290


For assistance call:  (615) 620-0569

The information provided by Thomas & Company, Inc. will be used only for purposes that are permissible under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The service is completely safe, confidential and FCRA compliant.